Which men’s all-around champion was the most ‘dominant’ at their competition?

Dominance is clear in modern day gymnastics, with Simone and Kohei truly dominating the all-around over multiple quads, but something I have been interested in for some time is looking at how ‘dominant’ each of their all-around winning performances were. However, rather than comparing against the other all-around finalists, I wanted to compare against theContinue reading “Which men’s all-around champion was the most ‘dominant’ at their competition?”

2018 Men’s Tokyo World Cup Results Breakdown

All-around results for the men at the Tokyo World Cup in 2018 Rank Country Gymnast FX PH SR VT PB HB AA score 1 Japan Kenzo Shirai 15.200 13.533 13.766 14.966 14.466 14.133 86.064 2 Japan Wataru Tanigawa 14.500 12.433 14.300 14.900 14.333 13.933 84.399 3 USA Samuel Mikulak 14.000 13.366 13.566 14.566 14.100 14.500Continue reading “2018 Men’s Tokyo World Cup Results Breakdown”