Welcome to GymStats, a site that hopes to dive far too deeply into Gymnastics numbers in the search for anything interesting or unusual.

I’m MT, and this is all pretty new to me so it’s going to be in the ‘work-in-progress’ stage for a long while still. I’ve considered making a website about Gymnastics and numbers for some time and never had the oomph to properly do it, but with 2020 being how it is I’ve decided to try this as my “getting through COVID” plan.

My main long-term focus for now is making a database to highlight the oldest men’s and women’s medallists of all time, but between doing that I want to look into judging, meet results and the code of points to see if anything unusual numbers pops out.

I also want to upload some past results with specific difficulty / execution scores for each routine, to try and highlight who had the highest overall difficulty or execution in a competition (or over a series of meets, like World Cups). It will not be a complete list of results of all meets though.

I still haven’t got a full plan for everything I want to do on the site yet (plus I still need to go to my actual job), so if you have anything you want to see let me know!

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