Tokyo 2020 Olympics event finals: day 1 live feed

Having one day off during the gymnastics coverage has not been great, but now that day is here I thought I would give live blogging a go. I’m focusing on the women’s events but will try and do quick hits using my limited knowledge of men’s events.

Events will be added to the top of the feed as they occur. Hover over or tap on underlined named skills for a short description.

Men’s floor exercise

GOLD | Artem Dolgopyat (Israel)

SILVER | Rayderley Zapata (Spain)

BRONZE | Xiao Routeng (China)

Women’s vault

GOLD | Rebeca Andrade (Brazil)

SILVER | Mykayla Skinner (USA)

BRONZE | Yeo Seojeong (South Korea)

Men’s pommel horse

GOLD | Max Whitlock (Great Britain)

SILVER | Lee Chih-Kai (Taiwan)

BRONZE | Kaya Kazuma (Japan)

Women’s uneven bars

GOLD | Nina Derwael (Belgium)

SILVER | Anastasia Iliankova (ROC)

BRONZE | Sunisa Lee (USA)

Women’s uneven bars

1Nina Derwael
– Belgium
2Anastasia Iliankova
3Sunisa Lee
4Lu Yufei
– China
5Elisabeth Seitz
– Germany
6Melanie de Jesus dos Santos
– France
7Fan Yilin
– China
8Angelina Melnikova

The top two qualifiers will go up first and third, so this is going to be nerve-racking from the start.

Roughly 30 more minutes of Aliya Mustafina being the back-to-back reigning bars champion. It’s been a good ride.

Sunisa Lee [USA]: Good nabieva but no connection out of it. Same with the bhardwaj. Maloney to to gienger done well. Piked jaeger to pak salto, but not connected to van leeuwen. Slight leg separation on the pak. Good full twisting double tuck dismount. Good routine but difficulty will be in the low 6s from not connecting all of the skills she normally would. 14.500

Melanie de Jesus dos Santos [FRA]: Great nabieva to pak. Maloney to bhardwaj, just a little off line, Van leeuwen is good. Piked stalder half but goes the wrong way on the reverse giant full. Couple of steps back on full twisting double layout dismount. I’m so glad she got the chance to compete in event finals, even if it hasn’t been the games she hoped for. 14.033

Nina Derwael [BEL]: Nabieva, maybe slightly piked. Good downie. Connects derwael-fenton to ezhova to stalder shap to pak to van leeuwen – brilliant. A bit off angle on her toe-on full but connects to the full twisting double tuck dismount. Good work, will definitely be enough for the lead. 15.200

Anastasia Iliankova [ROC]: Good Shang. Tweddle to Ezhova to stalder. Stalder shap to pak to van leeuwen. Toe full to full twisting double tuck with a step. A few leg separations throughout but good overall. 14.833 and into second for now.

Angelina Melnikova [ROC]: Fantastic piked stalder position, but does not connect her pak to van leeuwen so difficulty will be down a bit. Piked stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger. Cannot get her toe-on full around and has to hop off the bar. Gets back on and hits her full twisting double back dismount with a hop. 13.066

Fan Yilin [CHN]: Piked stalder 1/1 to Komova II, to pak to stalder shap to gienger. GREAT. Just slightly offline on her 1-arm pirouettes but still excellent to watch, but falls on her Fan dismount. I am not okay anymore. 13.900 – this was going to be a HUGE score before the dismount.

Lu Yufei [CHN]: Tkatchev to gienger – good. 1-arm pirouettes to piked jaeger – maybe caught a little bit close. Pak salto and van leeuwen good. Stuck full twisting double back! So happy to see her have a good routine. 14.400 and into fourth. Two tenths down in difficulty from qualification

Elisabeth Seitz [GER]: Maloney to ricna. Good piked jaeger. Downie to pak, not connected to van leeuwen. Slightly short on the dismount with a hop. Could be very close for third AGAIN for Seitz. 14.400 and into fifth.

So first olympic WAG medal for Belgium and its gold for Nina Derwael! Anastasia Iliankova earns the silver medal, whilst Sunisa Lee completes her set with a bronze!

Men’s pommel horse

I will be honest, my pommel horse knowledge is not great, or even good. This bit will be a bit limited. This final is also making me feel nauseous already.

1Max Whitlock
– Great Britain
2Lee Chih-Kai
– Taiwan
3Kaya Kazuma
– Japan
4David Belyavskiy
5Kameyama Kohei
– Japan
6Alec Yoder
7Rhys McClenaghan
– Ireland
8Sun Wei
– China

Max Whitlock [GBR]: Gets through well. Generally has a more piked position than some of the others we’ll see but from what I could see this is the best routine we’ve seen from him at the Olympics. 15.583 – MUCH higher than in qualification – almost seven tenths.

Alec Yoder [USA]: Has to step down from the pommels in his handstands at the start. Gets it back together really well for the rest of the routine. 14.566

Sun Wei [CHN]: Good form on the first two handstands. Loses form on his Russians on the pommel and comes off shortly after. Gets back on and completes the rest of the routine well. 13.066

David Belyavskiy [ROC]: Gets through cleanly. A little bit of slight piked body position at times but a great routine overall. 14.833 and into second

Lee Chih-Kai [TPE]: Very small hesitation on first handstand, but follows with his trademark fantastic flair work throughout. Brilliant routine! He got a 15.266 on qualification so will need over three tenths higher to take the lead. 15.400 and into second. Just a tenth more in execution over Max… I think I would have given this to Lee.

Kaya Kazuma [JPN]: I missed the beginning, but from what I saw it was very clean throughout. He is thrilled! 14.900 and currently in third

Rhys McClenaghan [IRL]: Just slightly off vertical in handstand. Off on his Russians, oh no! Back on and doing well – his form and body position is in its own league to everyone else in the final. Struggles again later on the routine. 13.100

Kameyama Kohei [JPN]: A few small form breaks throughout but gets through it! 14.600

So that’s back to back gold for Max Whitlock! Followed by silver for Lee Chih Kai and Kaya Kazuma gets a bronze!

I think this medal puts Max into tied 4th place for the most Olympic medals for a British athlete, with 6 medals (3 golds and 3 bronze).

I feel for Rhys. He is without doubt one of the best (if not the best) pommel horse workers at the moment, but I’m sure we will see some great successes in the future.

Women’s vault

Score breakdown
1Rebeca Andrade
– Brazil
6.0 | 9.266 (-0.1 ND)
5.8 | 9.200
2MyKayla Skinner
6.0 | 9.033
5.8 | 9.000
3Yeo Seojeong
– South Korea
6.2 | 9.133
5.4 | 8.733
4Alexa Moreno
– Mexico
5.8 | 8.966
5.6 | 9.066
5Angelina Melnikova
5.4 | 9.266
6.0 | 8.800 (-0.1 ND)
6Lilia Akhaimova
5.8 | 8.866
5.6 | 9.066
7Shallon Olsen
– Canada
6.0 | 8.700
5.4 | 9.000
8Jade Carey
3.3 | 8.633
5.8 | 9.100 (-2.0 ND)

Some interesting bits about this final:

  • South Korea, Mexico and Canada have never won an Olympic medal in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
  • If Mykayla Skinner reaches the top spot then she will be the oldest American WAG olympic champion (currently held by Alexandra Raisman from 2016)

Mykayla Skinner [USA]:

Vault 1: very nice cheng! Kept legs together on the block with just a little bit of leg form and a hop on landing. 15.033

Vault 2: good amanar, landed right in the centre with a hop on landing. 14.800

Average: 14.916

Alexa Moreno [MEX]:

Vault 1: good Rudi / Chusovitina to start. Not too piked off the board. Small pike position on landing with a hop. 14.766

Vault 2: great Tsuk double twist with a little hop. Little but of leg form in the air but right down the centre. 14.666

Average: 14.716

Rebeca Andrade [BRA}:

Vault 1: starts with the Cheng. Not as clean on the landing as in qualification or the all-around final but the form in the air is just exquisite. Lands with one foot out of bounds. 15.166

Vault 2: goes for the Amanar! Again great form in the air but has two hops on the landing. Steps of less than 1 metre are only a 0.1 deduction so could definitely still score higher than her Yurchenko double. 15.000

Average: 15.083 and into first place for now

Jade Carey [USA]:

Vault 1: ooooh. Just a Yurchenko tuck over the vault. Looks like she may have tripped on her round-off? Regardless, she got over the vault safely which is the most important thing, but that will take her out of the medals. 11.933

Vault 2: hits her Amanar incredibly well with just a few steps on landing. May get a neutral deduction for doing two Yurchenko vaults. 12.900 with the neutral deduction.

Average: 12.416

Yeo Seojeong [KOR]:

Vault 1: posted the start value for the Yeo and she hits it! WOW! A little deep on the landing but that was brilliant. 15.333

Vault 2: Yurchenko double twist with a couple of steps, one being pretty large. Will not be as high as hoped but the first score should keep her average strong. 14.133

Average: 14.733 and into third place for now

Shallon Olsen [CAN]:

Vault 1: hits the Cheng. Some leg form on the block and had to pike down on the landing, but stays in bounds. 14.700

Vault 2: Yurchenko double twist with a brief perfect stick! Pretty good leg form, and straight down the middle. Most likely won’t reach the medals but a great vault to end with. 14.400

Average: 14.500 and into forth

Angelina Melnikova [ROC]:

Vault 1: lovely Yurchenko double twist with a little hop on landing. Legs a little crossed in the air but nice body position on landing. 14.666 – good start

Vault 2: goes for the Cheng! Some leg form in the air and a step out of bounds, but she needed the higher difficulty to try for the medals. 14.700

Average: 14.683 and into 5th place

Lilia Akhaimova [ROC]:

Vault 1: goes for the handspring Rudi. Bends her legs a little on the block but manages to get the vault round with a step on the landing. 14.666

Vault 2: very nice Tsuk double twist. Good layout position throughout and lands in the centre with a little shuffle. 14.666

Average: 14.666 and finishes in sixth.

So Rebeca Andrade takes the first ever gold in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics for Brazil! MyKayla Skinner takes the silver and Yeo Seojeong earns South Korea’s first ever WAG Olympic medal! History!!

Rebeca Andrade was tied for the top difficulty with Mykayla Skinner (5.9 average) and had the highest execution score of the final.

Men’s floor final

1Artem Dolgopyat
– Israel
14.9336.68.433 (-0.1 ND)
2Rayderley Zapata
– Spain
3Xiao Routeng
– China
4Ryu Sunghyun
– South Korea
14.2337.07.533 (-0.3 ND)
5Milad Karimi
– Kazakhstan
14.1336.48.033 (-0.3 ND)
6Yul Moldauer
7Nikita Nagornyy
13.0666.46.966 (-0.3 ND)
8Kim Hansol
– South Korea

Nikita Nagornyy [ROC]: Starts with his HUGE triple pike but stumbles backwards and both feet go out of bound. Good double front piked 1/2, and stuck front 2/1 twist to double front. A little short on his full-twisting double back dismount. Great difficulty but costly first pass. 13.066

Rayderley Zapata [ESP]: Good Zapata I to start. Step back on his combination to double front pike, but great on his next two double front 1/2 passes. Stuck 2.5 twist to front full twist and stuck double layout to finish. Fantastic! 14.933

Yul Moldauer [USA]: Stuck front 2.5 twist to start, and stuck double arabian 1/2 out to follow. Maybe got a little lost on his flairs? Wow he has stuck everything so far. Triple twist to finish with a small hop. Such a clean routine even if it’s not the most difficult, but I’m not sure if anything would be taken for the ground work. 13.533

Artem Dolgopyat [ISR]: Also opens with a Zapata I. Great on his front 2.5 twist combination pass. SUPER high triple double. Looks like one foot out of bounds on his 2.5 twist + front 2/1 twist pass. Stuck double arabian 1/2 out finish. Another brilliant routine. 14.933 and into first on difficulty tie-break after equaling the final score and execution score with Zapata!

Kim Hansol [KOR]: Great double front 1/2 in both pike and tuck positions to start. Floaty 3.5 twist. Gets stuck with his Russians on the ground! Slightly short triple twist to finish. This floor is not being kind on low-ground work today… 13.066

Ryu Sunghyun [KOR]: Good opening Zapata I to start, and great front triple twist in combination. Slight hop back on double-double, couldn’t see if it was out of bounds, but goes out with both feet on the next pass. Small hop forward on triple twist and almost stuck 3.5 twist to finish. 14.233

Xiao Routeng [CHN]: Stuck front 2.5 twist to open. Lovely 3.5 twist to front half, followed by a double-double. Gets through his flairs cleanly. Floaty triple twist to finish with a small hop. Should go into the top three for now. 14.766 and into third with one to go.

Israel and Spain both guaranteed a medal!

Milad Karimi [KAZ]: Went over 15 in the all-around final so could definitely challenge today. Good double front 1/2 to start. 3.5 twist to front 1.5 twist but goes out of bounds with both feet. Comes back with a stuck front 2.5 twist in combination. Stuck triple twist to finish. 14.133 and into 5th.

Dolgopyat takes the gold! Followed by Zapata in silver and Xiao Routeng takes the bronze. The top three execution scores made the podium, but ultimately Artem’s higher difficulty got him the gold.

This does raise a question I’ve had with the tie-break rule for a while – the top two places went down to a difficulty tie-break after the gymnasts had the same overall score and execution score, but neutral deductions / penalties are not included in the tie-breaking procedure despite being a deduction for the gymnast not executing their routine within the rules set by the code (e.g. out of bounds).

Artem DolgopyatRayderley Zapata
Total score
Total execution
Total difficulty
Neutral deductions-0.100

Should these not be included as part of execution when it comes to tie-breaks?

Well. That all went as expected. Time to nap.

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