Olympic medalists, women’s artistic gymnastics: China




Earliest Olympic medal

Chen Yongyan

Huang Qun

Ma Yanhong

Wu Jiani

Zhou Ping

Zhou Qiurui

– Team, 1984

Earliest Olympic gold medal

Ma Yanhong

– Uneven bars, 1984


Most Olympic medals

Cheng Fei

He Kexin

Yang Yilin

– 3 medals

Most Olympic gold medals

Deng Linlin

He Kexin

– 2 gold medals


Oldest Olympic medalist

Chen Yongyan

– 21 years, 9 months at 1984 Olympics

Oldest Olympic gold medalist

Liu Xuan

– 21 years, 6 months at 2000 Olympics

Full list of medalists

Bronze: Team | Chen Yongyan, Huang Qun, Ma Yanhong, Wu Jiani, Zhou Ping and Zhou Qiurui

Gold: Uneven bars | Ma Yanhong

Gold: Uneven bars | Lu Li

Silver: Balance beam | Lu Li

Silver: Vault | Mo Huilan

Silver: Uneven bars | Bi Wenjing

Bronze: All around | Liu Xuan

Silver: Uneven bars | Ling Jie

Bronze: Uneven bars | Yang Yun

Gold: Balance beam | Liu Xuan

Bronze: All around | Zhang Nan

Gold: Team | Cheng Fei, Deng Linlin, He Kexin, Jiang Yuyuan, Li Shanshan and Yang Yilin

Bronze: All around | Yang Yilin

Bronze: Vault | Cheng Fei

Gold: Uneven bars | He Kexin

Bronze: Uneven bars | Yang Yilin

Bronze: Balance beam | Cheng Fei

Silver: Uneven bars | He Kexin

Gold: Balance beam | Deng Linlin

Silver: Balance beam | Sui Lu

Bronze: Team | Fan Yilin, Mao Yi, Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin and Wang Yan

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