The Oldest Olympic medalists in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Below is a list of all gymnasts who won a medal in women’s artistic gymnastics aged 25 years or older, between 1928 and 2016. Medals were either won as part of the team or as an individual, and each gymnast is only included once at the time they won their last medal.

*Portable: team portable apparatus that was included in the 1952 and 1956 Olympic programmes.

The Over 40’s

1Ethel SeymourGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team46 years, 8 months
2Isabel JuddGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team41 years, 9 months

The Over 35s

Rank GymnastCountryYearMedal/EventAge
3Jessie KiteGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team36 years, 2 months
4Agnes KeletiHungary1956Gold: Portable
Gold: Bars
Gold: Beam
Gold: Floor
Silver: Team
Silver: All around
35 years, 10 months
5Zdenka VermirovskaCzechoslovakia1948Gold: Team35 years, 1 month

The Over 30s

Rank GymnastCountryYearMedal/EventAge
6Helena RakoczyPoland1956Bronze: Portable34 years, 11 months
7Galina UrbanovichSoviet Union1952Gold: Team
Silver: Portable
34 years, 9 months
8Pelageya DanilovaSoviet Union1952Gold: Team
Silver: Portable
34 years, 2 months
9Oksana ChusovitinaGermany2008Silver: Vault33 years, 1 month
10Erszebet Gulyas-KotelesHungary1956Gold: Portable
Silver: Team
32 years, 1 month
11Friedl IbyGermany1936Gold: Team31 years, 4 months
12Sofia MuratovaSoviet Union1960Gold: Team
Silver: All around
Silver: Vault
Bronze: Beam
31 years, 1 month
13Hendrika van RumtNetherlands1928Gold: Team30 years, 11 months
14Keiko TanakaJapan1964Bronze: Team30 years, 9 months
Maria GorokhovskayaSoviet Union1952Gold: Team
Gold: All around
Silver: Portable
Silver: Vault
Silver: Bars
Silver: Beam
Silver: Floor
30 years, 9 months

29 years old

Rank GymnastCountryYearMedal/EventAge
16Tamara ManinaSoviet Union1964Gold: Team
Silver: Beam
29 years, 11 months
17Consetta LenzUSA1948Bronze: Team29 years, 10 months
18Ute StarkeEast Germany1968Bronze: Team29 years, 9 months
19Larisa LatyninaSoviet Union1964Gold: Team
Gold: Floor
Silver: All around
Silver: Vault
Bronze: Bars
Bronze: Beam
29 years, 7 months
Ekaterina KalinchukSoviet Union1952Gold: Team
Gold: Vault
Silver: Portable
29 years, 7 months
Judit TothHungary1936Bronze: Team29 years, 7 months
22Lucy DesmondGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team29 years, 3 months
23Edit Perenyi-
Hungary1952Silver: Team
Bronze: Portable
29 years, 1 month

28 years old

24Meta ElsteUSA1948Bronze: Team28 years, 9 months
Maria Zalai-KoviHungary1952Silver: Team
Bronze: Portable
28 years, 9 months
26Eva BosakovaCzechoslovakia1960Gold: Beam
Silver: Team
28 years, 8 months
27Kiyoko OnoJapan1964Bronze: Team28 years, 6 months
28Isolde FroelianGermany1936Gold: Team28 years, 4 months

27 years old

Rank GymnastCountryYearMedal/EventAge
29Clara SchrothUSA1948Bronze: Team27 years, 10 months
Nina BocharovaSoviet Union1952Gold: Team
Silver: Portable
27 years, 10 months
31Erszebet BalazsHungary1948Silver: Team27 years, 9 months
Polina AstakhovaSoviet Union1964Gold: Team
Gold: Bars
Silver: Floor
Bronze: All around
27 years, 9 months
Anna HrebrinovaCzechoslovakia1936Silver: Team27 years, 9 months
34Ingrid SandahlSweden1952Gold: Portable27 years, 8 months
Olga Lemhenyi-
Hungary1956Gold: Portable
Silver: Team
Bronze: Vault
27 years, 8 months
36Olga SilhanovaCzechoslovakia1948Gold: Team27 years, 7 months
37Matylda Matouskova-
Czechoslovakia1960Silver: Team27 years, 5 months
38Elizabeth TweddleGreat Britain2012Bronze: Bars27 years, 4 months
39Margit Nagy-SandorHungary1948Silver: Team27 years, 2 months
Karin LindbergSweden1958Silver: Portable27 years, 2 months
41Bozena SrncovaCzechoslovakia1952Bronze: Team27 years, 1 month
42Erna BuergerGerman1936Gold: Team27 years, 0 months

26 years old

Rank GymnastCountryYearMedal/EventAge
43Medea JugeliSoviet Union1952Gold: Team
Silver: Portable
26 years, 11 months
Vlasta DekanovaCzechoslovakia1936Silver: Team26 years, 11 months
45Anna FeherHungary1948Silver: Team26 years, 10 months
Emilia Vatasoiu-LitaRomania1960Bronze: Team26 years, 10 months
47Margot KalocsaiHungary1936Bronze: Team26 years, 7 months
48Alida van den BosNetherlands1928Gold: Team26 years, 6 months
49Ginko ChibaJapan1964Bronze: Team26 years, 5 months
Vera CaslavskaCzechoslovakia1968Gold: All around
Gold: Vault
Gold: Bars
Gold: Floor
Silver: Team
Silver: Beam
26 years, 5 months
Miloslava MisakovaCzechoslovakia1948Gold: Team26 years, 5 months
52Jaroslava BajerovaCzechoslovakia1936Silver: Team26 years, 4 months
Helen SchifanoUSA1948Bronze: Team26 years, 4 months
54Annia HatchUSA2004Silver: Team
Silver: Vault
26 years, 2 months
55Dorothy DaltonUSA1948Bronze: Team26 years, 0 months
Doris WoodGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team26 years, 0 months

25 years old

Rank GymnastCountryYearMedal/EventAge
57Mohini BhardwajUSA2004Silver: Team25 years, 10 months
58Marjorie MoremanGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team25 years, 9 months
Lyudmila YegorovaSoviet Union1956Gold: Team
Bronze: Portable
25 years, 9 months
60Hiroko TsujiJapan1964Bronze: Team25 years, 8 months
61Gota PetterssonSweden1952Gold: Portable25 years, 7 months
Svetlana KhorkinaRussia2004Silver: All around25 years, 7 months
63Atanasia IonescuRomania1960Bronze: Team25 years, 5 months
Erika ZucholdEast Germany1972Silver: Team
Silver: Vault
Silver: Bars
25 years, 5 months
65Iren Daruhazi-KarcsicsHungary1952Silver: Team
Bronze: Portable
25 years, 4 months
Adolfina Tkacikova-TacovaCzechoslovakia1964Silver: Team25 years, 4 months
67Tamara Lyukhina-
Soviet Union1964Gold: Team25 years, 3 months
68Toshiko Shirasu-AiharaJapan1964Bronze: Team25 years, 2 months
Elena LeusteanuRomania1960Bronze: Team25 years, 2 months
Milena MullerovaCzechoslovakia1948Gold: Team25 years, 2 months
71Ada SmithGreat Britain1928Bronze: Team25 years, 1 month
72Helena NordheimNetherlands1928Gold: Team25 years, 0 months

Note: Dates of birth were taken from athlete profiles, unless clear information is available to show a different date of birth is correct.


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